Probelab ReImage Manual

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Just ask the lab for their Pixel Constant or find it yourself using the Lab Setup.

Lab Setup

If you are a lab manager, or want to set up reimager to run in a new lab, you have to make sure to set the correct Pixel Constant. The pixel constant determines how the physical machine zooms, the scaling, and several other important features to properly provide accurate and precise values on the images.

Pixel Constant

The pixel constant can be found under help -> settings or by clicking the bell on the navbar/header.

It is important to get right and needs to be corrected with every physical modification to the machine so know when your data was taken and when the pixel constant might have changed (and if that change matters sufficiently).

Thankfully it's an easy process:

The pixel constant is found by taking an image at various magnifications but all at 1024 resolution and dividing the number of microns by resolution.

4000 mag at 1024 res image -> 29.883 microns across the entire image (left side to right side) -> 29.883/1024 = 0.029183 μm/pixel

This process, when trended using Excel, will provide a formula like 116.73x^-1 or very close to x^-1. Put the constant (116.73) into the provided settings box and forget about it till next time you calibrate the probe.

For example this is the exact data used to calibrate for the University of Minnesota Probelab's Microprobe:

Excel trend and data example

Installation Problems

Some browsers and Windows 10 SmartScreen currently do not recognize Probelab ReImager due to it being new and unsigned code. Because of this, some systems will make sure you want to install the software.

Windows 10 Issues

Windows SmartScreen can look scary, but pops up for a lot of new, unsigned programs. The process to allow a program to run anyway is very easy as shown by the images to the right.

When the dialog pops up, by clicking on More info near the top of the window it will provide another button next to Don't run called Run anyway.

This will allow for the installer to run and will not show up on future runs of the program. It's a one time problem.

Windows protected your PC UIWindows protected UI with "Run anyway"

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox will ask you if you are sure you want to run it, by clicking OK it will run the installer as normal.

Please note this is not saying it does contain but rather that it could contain malicious code since it is not a widely used software.

Firefox Open Executable File UI

Microsoft Edge(Edgium)

Microsoft Edge based off Chromium(Edgium) runs a branch of Microsoft SmartScreen.

When downloaded it will ask if you would like to delete or keep it, by clicking on the . . . and selecting Keep

Doing this will bring you to the Downloads page where it will display a similar screen to Windows SmartScreen. By clicking Show more -> Keep anyway it will allow you to run the installer.

Edgium bottom of page display with "Keep"
Edgium SmartScreen
Edgium SmartScreen after "Show more"