Probelab ReImager

Probelab ReImager is a simple to use but powerful tool for the re-processing of images captured via Point and Shoot, PointID, and Spectral Mapping with Thermo Scientific's NSS and Pathfinder software.

Wide Official OS Support

ReImager currently supports images and analyses taken through Thermo Scientific's NSS and Pathfinder software; However, more formats are planned such as native support with both JEOL and CAMECA Electron Microprobes, SEMs, and TEMs.

Supports Windows 7, 8, and 10 (With unofficial support for XP, and linux (deb, snap, or standalone if requested).

Install on your lab machines or a user's computer, customize for your lab and use it without any extra setup.

ReImager with an image and point displayed
ReImager but the viewport is larger and scaled

Resizable Window and Elements

Easily resize to fit most computer screens and resolutions.

Resize the side-columns if file names are too long

Load Projects from Anywhere

Load any project directory created through NSS or Pathfinder in order to view the images.

Supports Samba and other network storage solutions with native UI

Supports any image resolution with full customization of options.

ReImager with multi-source store
ReImager in background, Windows SaveAs in front

Customizable Destination and Names

Choose any directory and name when saving the images, or batch export them all to the same directory automatically using a custom naming scheme .

Export any image as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, or generate an ACQ to integrate directly with ProbeSoftware's PictureSnapApp.

Batch Process and Export

Easily change settings and save the image to export later. Batch export all the selected images with the same settings regardless of the mix of image resolutions, projects, or settings per image.

Multi-select and batch export images with any settings applied per image or for all of them.

ReImager sidebar with saved images in store
Various types of scalebars and styling

Customize Almost Anything

Change the position and scale sizing of the scale bar. No longer be forced to accept what the program thinks is right.

Easily add a background or move the scale bar off of the image to make it easier to read

Point and Map Customization

Full customization of what positions are shown, the visual representation, color, and size.

Export maps from NSS or Pathfinder and layer them on top in a custom color with or without positions and a scale bar.

Various types of point displays and colors

Optional Updates or Forced No-Updates

Easily download and install updates with a non-intrusive notification system (Requires internet access)